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Guillermo Gomez & Rebecca Haas Photo Reviews
St. Louis Wedding Photographer Rebecca Haas



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St. Louis Wedding Photographer Guillermo Gomez

We like to think of ourselves as an affordable "boutique" wedding photography studio.   There are three of us total and we work closely with our clients from the very start. We provide an elegant, contemporary and natural look to our wedding photography at very reasonable charges. We also offer very flexible hours for moderately sized weddings that most fine studios do not offer. We provide completely personalized service - we treat each client as a friend - we take great pride in our art and in the quality of our service. We are full time professional artists and we do not represent other photographers. We do everything ourselves - including the best image editing/processing in the area.  View our many slideshows to get a real feel for our photographic art - and read all the rave reviews to verify that these are really reflective of the gorgeous photographic art we will provide you. You will be all set to enjoy, share, and archive your hundreds of beautiful images to the max and forever!!  Per WeddingWire we are the highest reviews-ranked studio under $2000 in the metro area and the fourth highest at any price.  For 2019 we expect to receive The Knot's "Hall of Fame" award.  That would actually be the second time Guillermo has received that award - he was one of the 300 very first recipients of that award nationwide when he ran a previous company.  This second award will make him one of a handful of photographers in the country to have received it twice.  We have never received anything less than a 5 star review in our entire history.

Link to St. Louis Wedding Photographers Gallery
link to St. Louis Wedding Photographers Gallery
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